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I currently have 4 talks on various horticultural subjects which I give throughout the year. 
Red Admiral and Verbena bonariensis

Gardening with and for Wildlife


This is a digital slide presentation. The talk is intended to get gardeners to think about both pests and beneficial wildlife and to review what they can do in their gardens to reduce the former and increase the latter. I am a beekeeper so can incorporate items specifically about bees and other insects, if required.


Extending the Season in your Garden

A digital slide presentation which I hope prompts you to look at your garden in a slightly different way which, in turn should allow you to extending the flowering season of your garden. I also give lots of tips and hints throughout  the talk.

Anthemis punctata subsp. cupaniana

Practical Propagation - Seeds, Cuttings and Beyond

A practical demonstration

Cynara cardunculus

The Highs and Lows of Growing Vegetables

A digital slide presentation with some practical demonstration component, depending upon the time of year.